All about me!

G’day my name is Evan. i am nine years old and i am in year 4. I love to play soccer I play it every day. Soccer and drawing are my hobbies. I love soccer so much i always draw pictures of soccer. My favourite foods are pizza, burger, tacos and meat. There are 4 family members in my family my brothers name is Giorgio and i got a mum and a dad. my favourite soccer team is CHELSEA FC!

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It wouldn’t be hard for you to just spend a little of your time to just check out my sick,cool, soccer blog. And if you don’t like anything comment  something that you like. I like soccer so of course i’m  going to write a little bit about soccer. You can learn lots of things on my blog and other cool stuff on my friend’s blog. So just visit my cool blog and comment about stuff I need to work on. You will get to know me way better than you already know if you know me. Thank you for listening!!!



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welcome to my blog!!!!

Hey there thanks for checking out my sick soccer blog. My blog is going to be about some soccer also stories and school stuff.  Please comment some feedback not anything inappropriate. Thanks  for being so generous for checking out my blog thank you.

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